Toto is walking down the street with his dad

Toto is walking down the street with his dad. They pass a strange house, with windows with closed curtains, neons in the entrance, etc.
- Dad, what's the house here? What is daddy?
Dad, bored:
- It's nothing, it's not for the little boys wise. You'll know later what it is. Come on, let's continue the walk.

Back home, Toto can not resist curiosity. Taking advantage of a lack of attention from his dad, he takes a  200 euros from the family wallet and goes out quietly. A few minutes later, he is in the lobby of the big house with colorful curtains and neon lights. A lady in undress stands behind a counter.
- Hello Madam, excuse me to disturb you: Here is 200 euros, and I would like for my money!

The bored lady asks Toto to wait a few moments. She goes to a room in the back where is the "boss".
- Say, Giuseppe, there is a kid at the entrance; he gave me 200 euros and he told me he was angry for his money. What do I do ?

- He is probably the victim of a joke older friends ... You remember the pancakes we made the day before yesterday. There are still some in the fridge. Warm them up quickly, give them to him and give him 195 euros. He will be happy and he will leave. The lady runs, amused ...
Back home, Toto falls on a furious dad. He has been looking for him everywhere for an hour and he noticed theft in his wallet:

- Toto, where were you?
- I was in the big house with hangings and lamps of all colors.
Dad, very worried and fearing the worst for the innocence of the son:

- And what did you do in this house?

- Dad, it was fantastic! What service ! I gave 200 euros, I returned 195 euros. I had 8, and there were 4 that were so hot that I had to finish them on the sidewalk!
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