MUST READ Two weeks ago, it was my 44th birthday, and the morale

Two weeks ago, it was my 44th birthday, and the morale was not at the top. However, I knew that when I got up to go to lunch, my wife would not forget to wish me a "happy birthday" and would give me a present.

But that morning, she did not even say "Hello", let alone "Happy Birthday".
So I said to myself, "Well, it does not matter, I also forget about it, and the children will remember."
But the kids went down to lunch without a word for me ...
So when I left for work, morale really went down.
As I arrived at the office, Julie, my secretary said to me: "Hello boss, happy birthday" and there morale began to rise. I went to work, and when noon approached, Julie knocked on my door and said:
- Boss, today is your birthday, and besides it is a very beautiful day. If you invited me to dinner?
I totally agreed, so I said, "Let's go."
For dinner, we chose a small inn away from the city. The meal was very nice and my secretary very attentive to me ... Leaving the restaurant Julie said:
- Boss, if we do not go back to work this afternoon?
As I did not answer, she added:
- Let's go to my apartment, I'll show you my collections of Chinese vases.
As I let myself go, we soon arrived at her house. In front of a glass of brandy, she says:
- If you do not mind Boss, I'll go to the bathroom to change me ...

Obviously, I let it go. When she came back, I too was comfortable. And  in my underware that I welcomed my secretary, my wife, my children and the office team. All sang "happy birthday" by bringing a superb cake!

It's ugly life sometimes ..
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