MUST READ JOKE Four guys are telling stories in a bar.

Four guys are telling stories in a bar. One of the guys is out to go to the bathroom. The other three continue to speak.

The first says:
- I was afraid that my son was a bum, because he started washing cars for a local dealer. But the dealer got sick, they named my son salesman and he sold so many cars that he became the dealer. In fact, it's a great success, right? And he just gave his best friend a Mercedes for his birthday.

The second who says:
- I was making hair for my son, because he started raking leaves in gardens for a real estate agent. But the agent had to interrupt his career, my son became a commissioned salesman, and finally he bought the real estate agency. It's working so well that he just gave a new house to his best friend for his birthday.

The third type says:
- Yes, yes it's not bad. But my son started by washing the floors in a brokerage company. Well he took a leave, he became a broker, and now he's the boss of the brokerage. He is so rich that he has just offered his best friend $ 1 million in shares for his birthday.

The fourth guy comes back from the toilet. The first three tell him that they were talking about their respective sons, and their great successes in life.

- Unfortunately, I must admit that my son is one of the great disappointments of my life. He started as a hairdresser and is still a hairdresser after fifteen years. In addition, I just discovered that he is homosexual and that he has several boyfriends. But hey, I try to see the good side of things: his boyfriends have just offered him a new Mercedes, a new house and $ 1 million in shares for his birthday ...
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