A guy spent all the money he had in one night

It's happening in Las Vegas. A guy spent all the money he had in one night, so much so that he does not even have a single coin to use the toilet (the doors use a coin mechanism).
He is forced to borrow a coin from another player to satisfy his urge.
Fortunately, when he goes down to the bathroom, one of the doors remained open and the guy took the opportunity to save his dollar.
Once back in the game room, he takes his piece and hastens to go slipping in the slot of a slot machine ...
JACKPOT! So he goes to the blackjack table and put all his winnings ... Here he is millionaire in dollars!
In the days that follow, the story comes to the ears of a journalist who passed by. The guy is doing a report on this incredible winner, who tells how willingly, thanks to the good heart of another player of the casino, he could become rich to millions ...
And the player even adds:
- If one day we find my benefactor, I promise to give him half the fortune!
A few days after the publication of the article, the player receives the visit of the guy who gave him the piece and who says to him:
- Well, here I am, the guy who gave you a dollar when you wanted to go to the casino toilet ... Do you remember?
And the player answers him:
- Yes, I remember very well. But I was not talking about you but about the guy who left the bathroom door open ..
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