The best jokes and humour about alcoholics, alcohol joke, drinking, drunk,

The best jokes and humour about alcoholics, alcohol joke, drinking, drunk,

 -Alcoholic father
A son asks his father:

- Dad ! What is an alcoholic?

- Well, an alcoholic is someone who sees things in duplicate. You see for example these 4 trees there? The alcoholic will see him 8.

- But dad there are only 2 trees!

-69 reasons to prefer beer to a woman ...

01- A cold beer is a good beer
02- We always manage to lather a beer
03- A beer is always ready and wet
04- A beer never has migraine
05- You can consume 2 beers at the same time without complications
06- A beer is never jealous of another
07- We do not need to tell sweet words to a beer to relieve themselves
08- A beer, it is ordered
09- In the evening, you can always hit a beer
10- A beer does not speak
11- A beer remains consumable 28 days out of 28
12- When you finish a beer, you can recover the deposit
13- When we do not finish her, she does not make the mouth
14- Beer only gives SOMETIMES headache
15- We can stay active after a good beer
16- Even Belgian beer is not stupid
17- A beer is non-violent
18- A beer is never complexed
19- We always see easily inside a beer
20- A beer never leaves hair in the mouth
21- A lager is never wrong
22- A beer is always willing
23- A beer does not wear tights
24- A beer is sometimes light
25- A red beer does not stink in summer
26- No language problem with foreign beers
27- With a beer, no stepmother
28- Even drunk one chooses his beer
29- We do not have to bring his beer back to the restaurant, there is already
30- It is not likely to catch diseases by typing a beer
31- A beer never forgets the pill
32- A beer is never bad hair
33- A beer never asks for new packaging
34- Beers and friends get along well
35- Beer does not pretend to be smart
36- We are never ashamed to be seen with a beer
37- A beer does not have a big brother
38- You can take a beer in public on the table
39- Two fingers are enough for a pack of six
40- A beer does not spend time on the phone
41- A beer never bites you anywhere
42- Any beer can pose in a magazine
43- A beer will never make you wear horns
44- You can uncap a beer without staining the sheets
45- At 95, you can always hit a beer
46- Putting a rabbit to a beer is not dangerous
47- You can hit a very good beer for less than 50 balls
48- A beer is always under 25 years old
49- A beer lends itself to all fantasies
50- Beer does not paint to try to be attractive
51- We do not need to turn off the light to consume a beer
52- A beer does not stop you from sleeping
53- A beer is not allergic to football
54- A beer does not run the Jacky in BM
55- A beer never takes all the covers
56- A beer never takes breakfast in bed
57- A beer always tastes
58- A beer never asks for small supplements
59- A beer is always welcome
60- Beers are not all the same
61- You can share a beer with friends
63- A beer does not snore
64- Even for his burial we are entitled to a last beer
65- A beer does not want strawberries when it's full
66- If a beer takes your head, it's never for very long
67- A beer does not come back expensive
68- A beer does not create a problem
69- Finally, a beer will not make a head reading this

- Alzheimer or Parkinson
A guy asks his friend:
- Do you prefer to have Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease?
His friend answers him:
- I do not know, what do you prefer?
And he said to him,
- I prefer Parkinson, because it is better to spill a drop of beer than to forget to drink it
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