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Life after death
Two friends discuss:
- Do you believe in life after death?
- No, I do not believe it and you?
- Well ... I did not believe it, but since my mother-in-law died, I saw again!

A man tells his colleague his holidays:
- The first week, we suffered everything: rain, snow, hail, ice, storms ... and the second week, it was spoiled ...
- And what happened?
- My mother-in-law came ...

A disappearance
He's a guy who shows up at the police station to report a disappearance.
He says to the SGT:
- It's a big, blonde person, ears off.
- You have a photo ?
The guy shows a picture and we see a little brown lady whose ears we do not see.
- But, it's not the same person?
Yes, but she is my mother-in-law and I do not want her to be found again.
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