Best Blondes Jokes told by others! And yes, the jokes about blondes,

1. It's a blonde who goes to the pharmacy. She says :
- Hello ! I would like shampoo.
-The pharmacist answers him: Follow me, that one is for the dry hair, this one for the curly hair, and this one for the greasy hair ...
-The blonde: But ... You do not have a shampoo for dirty hair?

2. How many times does a blonde laugh when she is told a joke? At least 3 times. The first, when we tell him the joke; the second, when we explain the joke and the third when she finally understood the joke.

3. A brunette and a blonde are in a park. They watch their sons play:
The blonde says: Caillou! Come on, we're going home!
The brunette asks: Why do you call your son Caillou?
And the blonde answers: Ben you, you call it Pierre!

4. Why do blondes wear R & L belts?
So that they do not confuse right and left!
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