Best Arabic jokes about Arabs made by Arabs

1. A guy drives a train and sees an Arab lying on the rails and there, the driver tells him: What are you doing? And Arabic answers: I listen to RAÏ!

2. An American says to an Arab: You give me two boards, I make you a boat and the Arabic says: me, you give me your sister, I make you the crew.

3. A curious Arab asks another Arab: What does it mean, "I do not know"?
And the other Arab answers him, immediately: I do not know!

4. A very distinguished gentleman rings at the door of an Arab seer. Who is here? She asked. Hearing the answer, the man leaves very, very disappointed!

5. An Arab walks with his girlfriend. It's raining and his girlfriend falls, without him noticing. Another Arab passes by and says: You dropped your papers.

6. During an interview: Have you ever been responsible in a job? Arabic says: No, but the boss, as soon as there is a mistake, he says that I am responsible!
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