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-It's an Algerian who went to Japan
He is an Algerian who went to Japan, the first day ... he slept until 11:30, ... then the Japanese thought him dead, and  buried him!

-One day an ambulance brought a burn to the emergency room of the hospital. After examining him, the doctor came out of the consultation room and asked the people who brought him  (the firemen): there are certainly burns but also bruises, and fractures, ... that ' is he exactly? And one of his friends replied: fortunately, that we were there when he caught fire, we quickly rushed to him to put out the fire with a  shovel.

-It is a small bird fallen from the nest and completely frozen. Pass a farmer who, seeing this poor little animal on the verge of dying of cold, delicately drops it in cow dung. The happy little bird starts to whistle. A fox hears it, says to himself "here is my dinner" and approaches. He removes the bird from the cow dung, wipes it and presto! the gob.

Morality: 1. It is not because we put you in the shit that you want necessarily evil.
2. It's not because we get you out of the shit that we want you to be good.
3. When you're in shit, shut up.
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