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-Man, tie and belt
What is the difference between a man, a tie and a belt?
- A tie, it serves the neck;
- A belt, it serves the size;
- A man, it's useless.

-The man on awakening
What is the common point between a man waking and an elastic?
Well it stretches, it stretches, it stretches, and it fart!

-A man is dusting his attic when he falls on an oil lamp. He poles it up and suddenly makes a cloud of smoke appear. In the middle of the cloud, a genie comes out of the lamp, pronouncing the following words:
- I am the genie of the lamp and I fulfill your dearest wish.
The man, surprised, spontaneously expresses his wish:
- I wish to have a sex so long that it can drag on the ground ...
- May your wish be granted!
And POUF! The guy is left with legs of 10 cm!

- Men and the letter Q
Men are like the letter Q: a big zero with a small tail.
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