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-World Of Warcraft
World Of Warcraft can be considered one of the safest contraceptives of our generation.

What is Internet Explorer for?
- Download Mozilla Firefox.

-Only the geek understands
Only the geek understands why Peugeot 404 does not exist.

-A Linux engineer, a Mac engineer and a Microsoft engineer drive and tire a tire.
The Mac engineer says, "You have to change the tire so you can continue"
The Linux engineer says, "First you have to find out why the tire is flat so it does not reproduce"
The Microsoft engineer says, "We just have to continue like this, we'll see if it's repaired by itself"

-Cascade Bugs Act: Resolving a bug makes a dozen other bugs visible that were hidden.

-Windows detected that you did not have a keyboard
Windows detected that you did not have a keyboard. Press 'F9' to continue.
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