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1 - Blonde jokes

Once upon a time, a blonde supporter team that was at a football game:
- We are blondes, blondes, blondes! We are blondes, blonde blondes! B ... L .... O .... uh ... we are blondes, blondes, blondes !!!

 2 - Blonde jokes

Do you know why blondes mow their lawn with an electric lawn mower? It's for them to use the wire to find the house.

 3 - Blonde jokes

It's two blondes who bought each other a mouse, but they only have a cage.
1st Blonde:
- How are we going to differentiate them?
2nd Blonde:
- Well, I'm going to cut a paw to mine.
During the night, the two mice look at each other and see that they do not have the same number of legs, so the other is gnawing at one. The next morning :
1st Blonde:
Ha ben! Yours also she has three legs, I'm going to cut another one. The other mouse did the same thing as last night and the story was repeated two more nights. At the last morning: 2nd Blonde:
And now what are we doing?
1st Blonde:
- Well, I'll take the white and you'll take the black.

 4 - Blonde jokes

How do you drive a crazy blonde? Give him a bag of M & M and tell him to sort them in alphabetical order.

What job function does a blonde have in an M & M factory? Correct spelling errors.

Do you know why the blonde was fired from the M & M factory? She was throwing the W.

How do you know if it's a blonde who made a cake with chocolate chips? - You look in the trash to see if there are no scales of smarties !!!!

 5 - Blonde jokes

What is the common point between a blonde and J. Cesar? They both conquered "Gaul".

 6 - Blonde jokes

It's four blondes with a teacher who go to the casino. The blondes leave in a group and the teacher goes away alone. The blondes stop in front of a machine. The first puts a 25 cents in the machine, it does not work. The second puts 25 cents in the same machine, it does not work. The third puts 25 cents in the same machine, it does not work either. The fourth puts 25 cents in the same insured machine that she will have, and there is a drink that falls from the machine!

 7 - Blonde jokes

Why do blondes have 2 more neurons than horses? - So they do not shit everywhere during parades.

 8 - Blonde jokes

Why do blondes all have blue brow? Because: by tapping their forehead they say: "But what am I stupid ..."

 9 - Blonde jokes

Why do blondes drive BMWs? Because they can spell it.

 10 - Blonde jokes

What does a blonde answer you when you ask her for her rates? - For you it's free.
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