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1 - Joke on blondes

Do you know why the blonde has holes in her face? - Because she's eating with the fork!

 2 - joke about blondes

A blind man enters a lesbian bar by mistake. He finds his way to the counter and orders a drink. After a moment he cries to the waitress:
- "Hey, do you want me to tell you a joke about blondes?"
The bar becomes silent, and with a deep hoarse voice, the lesbian on his left says:
- "Before you tell your story, you must know something ... The waitress is blonde, the girl at the entrance is blonde and I am a blonde of 1m80 and 100kg with a black belt of karate. left is a blonde and she raises weights The girl on your right is a blonde, and she is a professional wrestler, think seriously about it, you still want to tell your joke? "
- "No, said the blind, otherwise I'll have to explain it 5 times"

 3 - Joke on the blondes lift

What is the difference between a blonde and an elevator? - No, in both cases you put your finger or you live!

 4 - Joke on fish blondes

How does a blonde kill a fish? - she drowns it.

 5 - Joke on Titanic blondes

What is the difference between a blonde and the Titanic? - We know how many men there were on the Titanic.

 6 - Triplets joke

It's Marie who just had triplets. She meets a girlfriend of her friends and says proudly: "You know, I had triplets, it happens once on 200,000!" The blonde is flabbergasted and exclaims, "Damn it, but how do you find the time to clean up?"

 7 - Blonde jokes

What does a blonde say when she sees a banana peel on the floor?
- Ha no! I will fall again!

 8 - Blonde jokes

How does a blonde kill a bird?
She throws him down a cliff!

 9 - Blonde jokes

How do you know if a blonde has used your computer? there is liquit paper on the screen.
How do you know that two blondes used your computer? Have rewritten over the liquit paper.

 10 - Blonde jokes

A blonde who goes a little too fast in her small sports car, is stopped by a female cop who is also blonde. The fliquette asks to see the license of the blonde. This one is agitated a lot, searches in his bag and asks:
- What does it look like ?
The officier answers:
- It's rectangular, and there is your picture on it.
The blonde continues her digs, finds a mirror, looks in it and tends to the fliquette. She looks in the mirror and says:
- It's okay, you can go, I did not realize right away that you were also in the police!
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