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1 - Blonde jokes

What does a blonde say to a waitress by reading the badge on which her name is written?
- Debbie ... it's cute. And what is the name of the other?

 2 - Blonde jokes

You know what's the difference between a blonde and a mosquito? And the mosquito stops sucking when you tap on the forehead.

 3 - Blonde jokes

A man, exhausted after a few hours of going back and forth with a blonde, will see if he can find something to get some strength in the fridge. He pours himself a glass of milk and gets ready to drink it when he thinks of all the heat that still emanates from his turgescent sexual organ that only needs to be appeased. He tells himself that the ice milk is exactly what it takes for his cock ... and so he dips his penis in the glass. At that moment, the naked blonde comes back into the kitchen and says, "Oh, I always wondered how you reload them ..."

 4 - Blonde jokes

Why do blondes put empty bottles in the fridge? - For guests who are not thirsty.

 5 - Blonde jokes

Why do blondes have blue eyes? Because they have water in their heads!

 6 - Blonde jokes

What's all black, all kinky and hanging on the ceiling? - a blonde electrician!

 7 - Blonde jokes

A blonde is on a beach. She looks at the sun set on the sea and sighs: "Ah, they are lucky there, the water must be hot!" ...

 8 - Blonde jokes

How to know if a blonde has used your game console? There is a hood on the "joystick"

 9 - Blonde jokes

What is 4 blondes lying on the floor? - an air mattress

 10 - Blonde jokes

What's the difference between a blonde's crotch and a guy's crotch? In the crotch of a guy there's always the same pair of balls!
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