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1 - Blonde jokes

A blonde is at the perfumer's. She takes the opportunity to buy deodorant for her husband. The perfumer asks him: "He uses a ball deodorant?" And the blonde answers "Oh no, it's for his arms!"

 2 - Blonde jokes

What is the name of a young Internet business run by a blonde? - A pie-up

 3 - Blonde jokes

What does a blonde say when you blow it in your ear? - Thanks for refueling.

 4 - Blonde jokes

What do you say about a blonde with half a brain? - That she is talented!

 5 - Blonde jokes

3 women go to the lie detector. The first, redhead, said: "I think I'm the most beautiful ..." and the detector to immediately beep. The second, brunette, says "I think I'm the smartest ..." and the detector starts screaming again. The last, blonde, says "I think ..." and the detector to interrupt immediately.

 6 - Blonde jokes

How do 4 blondes sit on a stool?
They return it

 7 - Blonde Jokes Difference -

What is the difference between a rattle and a blonde? None, when we wave them, they make the same noise.

 8 - Blonde jokes and shower

Why do blondes when they shower, after washing their hair, running in the shower? Because on the shampoo is written "WASH AND GO"

 9 - Blonde jokes washing machine

Why is a washing machine better than a blonde? - Because when you fill a washing machine, it does not turn around for a week.

 10 - Blonde jokes microbe

What is called a microbe that lodges in the skull of a blonde? A space invader
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