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1 - Blonde jokes question sex
What does a blonde answer to the "sex" question on a form? Often!

 2 - Blonde jokes her intelligence

What is a blonde who has lost 90% of her intelligence? - a divorcee

 3 - Spaghetti blond jokes

What does a blonde and spaghetti have in common? - They squirm when we suck them.

 4 - Short jokes

What is a blonde doing the pear? It is a brunette who could mouth.

How many blondes are needed to make a chocolate cake? 10, one to make the dough and 9 to peel the Smarties.

 5 - Blonde jokes

Two blondes who are eating discuss, one says:
- You know that 90% of road accidents occur within 10 km of you !!!!
- Oh good but it's horrible !! something has to be done ...
- Ah yes ? And what ?

 6 - Funny jokes about blondes

Two blondes discuss:
- Say, have you seen Nathalie since all this time?
- Oh .. did not you know? She is dead..
- Well, all the better ... I thought she was angry with me!

 7 - jokes and a blonde

What's the difference between the one who makes the jokes and a blonde? The blonde is sure to be successful!

 8 - Jokes on blondes

Why can not blondes work in a M & M's manufacturing plant?
- Because they would all W!

 9 - Jokes on blondes

A blonde and a brunette throw themselves down a ten-story building. Which one reaches the ground first?
The brunette, because the blonde got lost on the way.

10 - Jokes on blondes

Why is a blonde happy when she finishes a puzzle in 1 year? Because it is marked from 3 to 6 years on the box!
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