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1 - Jokes on blondes

It's a blonde who is doing an experiment on a fly. She wants to know, after how many legs and wings less a fly will stop flying. She snatches a first paw, and say: "fly, Fly fly!" And the fly flies away. she does the same thing for the other legs. She removes the first wing and says: "fly, fly .. fly!" And the fly flies, but with difficulty. She snatches the second wing and say: "fly, fly .. fly!" The fly does not fly .. "fly, fly, fly !!!" She still does not fly. She notes that after having torn 6 legs and 2 wings, the fly becomes deaf ...

 2 - Jokes on blondes

Why do not the blondes in San Francisco wear miniskirts? - Because we would see their balls

3 - Jokes on blondes

What is the difference between a blonde and a golf ball? The golf ball does not come back when you hit it!

4 - Jokes on blondes

Why did the blonde cross the road? Forget the road, what was she doing out of the room!

5 - Jokes on blondes

Three women, including a blonde, meet a month after their trip to Cuba and after catching the tourist. One of the women says:
- Ah, me, my husband is a doctor. He prescribed me a treatment, and my diarrhea happened!
Another exclaims:
- Oh, my husband is a pharmacist. He gave me a medicine, and everything came back in order.
The blonde retorts:
-Ah, me, my husband is a psychologist. I'm still shitting in my panties, but I accept it!

 6 - Jokes on blondes L.O.D.A.

Why blondes have L.O.D.A. marked wholesale on their shoes? The Toes First

 7 - Jokes on blondes sex

What is the call to sex of an ugly blonde? - EH! , I SAID THAT I WAS IVRE

 8 - Library

A blonde comes into a library and she says:
- A coke, a fries and a bigmac!
The leader says:
- Madam, you are in a library
- Okay, whispering she said: a coke, a fries and a bigmac ...

 9 - blond

What does it give a blonde and a blonde who make love?
have my navel ...
have my navel ...
have my navel ...
have my navel ...
have my navel ...

 10 - blonde

What is the difference between a blonde and a blonde? It's the same as between a bitch and a bitch.
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