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1 - blonde

What makes an apple on the head of a blonde?
- An apple pie

 2 - blonde

Why do not blondes often answer the phone?
Because they are too busy typing guys.

 3 - blonde

How do you get something into a blonde's head? We graft a vagina on it

 4 - Blonde with peach

A bored blonde decides one day to find a hobby: ice fishing. Once installed on the ice with a small stool, she pulls out all the equipment, the necessary equipment, and when she starts to make a hole in the ice, a big voice sounds:
- There is no fish under the ice!
Surprised, she thinks she dreams. She takes her little stool, her equipment and moves a few meters or she reinstalls and starts to make a hole in the ice ... Three minutes later again the big voice:
- There are no fish under the ice!
Petrified, she raises her head and says:
- God, are you? Are you there ?
And the voice answers:
- No nonsense, it's the Director of the rink!

 5 - blonde at the pizzeria

A blonde at the pizzeria:
- Hello ma'am, I cut your pizza in four or eight pieces?
- In four! I could never eat eight!

 6 - blonde sitting at the corner of a wall

What is a blonde sitting at the corner of a wall with her legs bowed?
It is an air humidifier.

 7 - Blonde at the cinema

What does a blonde do when she is at the cinema? She is looking for the remote control.

 8 - Blonde at the drive-in

Did you know that a couple of blondes had been found frozen in their car at the drive-in?
They had come to see "closed for the winter".

 9 - Blonde in the emergency room

It is a blonde who arrives at the emergency with his left index finger shredded and bloody.
The intern asks him:
- How did it happen to you?
- Well, I tried to kill myself ...
- You want to kill yourself by shooting yourself in the finger? Are you kinding me?
- No, you idiot! In fact, I first pointed the gun on my chest. But I remembered that I had still spent 15,000 euros to have such beautiful breasts ... So I pointed the barrel in my mouth. But I remembered what the orthodontist had cost me and the time I had to undergo this dental equipment to con ... Then I pointed the barrel in my ear. But I thought it was going to be noisy and I put my index finger in my other ear before squeezing the trigger ...

 10 - Blonde with bacon

What is a blonde with bacon in her pocket? a quiche Lorraine...
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