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1 - blonde with two neurons

What is a blonde with two neurons? - a gifted

 2 - Blonde with half a brain

What do you say about a blonde with half a brain?
That she is good.

 3 - cocooned blonde

What do you recognize a blonde in a shoe store?
She's the only one trying the boxes.

 4 - Blonde orders a pizza

A blonde orders a pizza over the phone.
The employee at the end of the line asks how many parts he has to make to this pizza: 6 or 12?
The blonde answers: Six please. I could never eat 12.

 5 - Blonde as a passenger by car

Why is it convenient to have a blonde as a passenger by car?
To park on disabled places.

 6 - blonde meets a couple by chance

In the street, a blonde meets by chance a couple of friends she had not seen for several months. She immediately takes news of the last born of the family.
"And now he's walking the little treasure?" Asks the blonde.
The mother answers: "Oh yes for four months already!"
And the blonde: "Ben tell me, he must be far away ..."

 7 - blonde in an airport

How to reconnect a blonde in an airport? She is the only one who launches bread to planes.

 8 - blonde in a university

What does a blonde do at a university? Cleaning!

 9 - Blonde dancing

Why does a blonde dance in front of a red light?
Because she thinks she's in a disco.

 10 - blonde behind a steering wheel

What is a blonde behind a steering wheel?
- An air bag
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