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1 - Diabetic Blonde

What do you call a diabetic blonde? A sugar pie!

2 - blonde difference between hell

What is the difference between hell and a blonde?
- None, in both cases, Satan lives it!

 3 - Blonde

A blonde and a brunette apply for a job as secretary. As they have the same qualifications, the chief of staff offers them to answer a quiz to decide between them. Both candidates answer nine of the ten questions well. The chief of staff summons the blonde to his office. He explains :
- You are equal but I regret to announce that I retained the other candidate.
Disappointed, the blonde asks for explanations while starting to complain. The chief of staff is justified:
- I did not make my decision on the nine right answers but on the wrong answer.
The blonde :
But how can a bad answer be worse than another? It is not fair...
- It's simple, in question number 7, the other candidate answered "I do not know". You have written "Me neither".

 4 - Blonde in a maternity room

Two brunettes and a blonde are in the same room at the maternity ward. They talk while waiting to go to the delivery room. The first brunette says: "Me, it will be a girl because when it was conceived, I was on the back". The second brunette says "Oh me, it will be a boy, because at that moment I was above". And then the blonde burst into tears, moaning "Oh no, so I'm having a puppy?"

 5 - Blonde in geography class

It's a special class of Blondes, in geography class. The teacher already overwhelmed to have fallen into this class, shows a country on the map of the world:
- Who can tell me which country it is?
The most complete silence in the class ...
- Go girls, it's a great Asian country, communism raged, we talk a lot because of the disrespect of human rights ...?!
No answer ... Demoralized, the teacher cracks:
- It's China, shit bastard, China!, CHINA!
He makes another attempt and shows the great country of M. Bouche.
- So what is this country?
Stupefy, Beatrice shyly raises her finger:
- America M'sieu?
- Yes, bravo Beatrice! and now who will tell me who discovered America?
And all the blondes in chorus:
- Beatrice, Beatrice, Beatrice!

 6 - Blonde on vacation

It's two blondes who had picked up € 5,000 because they wanted to come on holiday in Paris. The first says to the other: "Well, how are we going to go now?" The other responds: "It's very simple, we'll go by taxi." They arrive in Paris. Their journey cost them € 4,995. So the first says to the other: "What do you think we will be able to do in Paris with only € 5? The other responds: "No problem!" and she takes a box of Tampax out of her satchel. The first one said to him then: "But what do you want to do with that?" The other one answers him: "Well, I heard in the pub, that with that one can do riding, cycling, and swimming!"

 7 - Blonde in the car

A motorist rolls on the periphery and sees a blonde pushing her car on the emergency stop band.
He stops to help him:
- Do you have a problem miss?
- No, no, sir everything is fine, you see I was at the garage and he told me that in agglomeration I have to drive at 50km / h but on the periphery I have to push a little! that's all.

 8 - Blonde pregnant effortlessly

How to make a pregnant blonde effortless? - You're "squirting" in her shoes and you let the flies do the rest.

 9 - blonde is dead

How did a blonde die while drinking milk? The cow fell on him!

 10 - blonde and butter

What's the difference between a blonde and butter coming out of the fridge? Butter is hard to spread it!
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