Blonde girl jokes, funny blonde girl jokes, dumb blonde girl jokes,

1 - blonde and biscuit

How do you know if it's a blonde who made chocolate chip cookies?
- Because there are smarties peels on the kitchen counter!

 2 - blonde and blonde

Why do blondes have a navel blue?
Because blondes exist.

 3 - blonde and brunette

What is a blonde with a brown lock? A glimmer of hope
What is a brunette with a blonde lock? The beginning of bullshit
What is a blonde dyed in brown? Artificial intelligence

 4 - Blonde and puzzle

Do you know why a blonde is happy to have managed a puzzle in 3 years? Because it's marked from 2 to 6 years on the box.

 5 - blonde and horse

She is a brunette and a blonde in a car. On the road, the blonde writes: "ohhh, look at the horses".
The brunette tells him: "no, they are horses"
"Did you still look like horses?"

 6 - blonde and fence

What is the difference between a blonde and a fence?
No you do not need to ask him to jump.

 7 - Blonde and shrimp

What is the difference between a blonde and a shrimp?
Answer: everything is good except the head!

 8 - blonde and fan

What does a blonde do when given a fan?
- She shakes her head.

 9 - blonde and arrow in the sky

Did you hear about the blonde who shot an arrow in the sky? - she missed it!

 10 - Blonde and florist

It is a blonde and a brunette who pass in front of the window of a florist. The blonde remarks to the brunette:
- Look, is not your guy, there, who buys flowers?
The brunette answers:
- Oh shit! He still buys me flowers for no reason.
The blonde is surprised:
- Well, let's see, do not you like flowers?
And the brunette to answer:
- Yeah, I like that. Except that my guy always has expectations after buying me flowers, if you understand what I mean, and I just do not feel like spending the next three days sleep on your back, legs in the air .
The blonde, perplexed, answers him:
- Why, you have no vase?
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