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1 - Blonde and high tech

Why do blondes use their computers in the dark?
To develop digital photos ...

 2 - Blonde and history

A guide during a visit, shows the ashes of Napoleon Bonaparte.

A blonde bends over and exclaims:

- That's when I did not know that Napoleon was dead in a fire !!!

 3 - blonde and newspaper

Why deaf blondes can sit in a newspaper? - To be able to read on the lips.

 4 - Blonde and Julius Caesar

What is the common point between a blonde and Julius Caesar? They both conquered Gaul.

 5 - Blonde and orange juice

Why does a blonde fix her glass of orange juice for 10 minutes before drinking it?
Because it is written on: concentrated.

 6 - Blonde and school

A blonde comes back from school and her mother asks her:
- What did you learn at school?
The blonde answers:
- Ba full of stuff ... except that I think not enough, because he asks me to return tomorrow!

 7 - Blonde and sport

Did you hear about the blonde who shot an arrow in the sky?
"she missed it!"

 8 - Blonde and thunderstorm

Why do blondes always put themselves in front of the window during a thunderstorm? Because they want to be in the picture.

 9 - Blonde and computer

What is the difference between a blonde and a computer?
- In a computer you enter once the data ..

 10 - blonde and computer - vote for this joke - 25 points - 06/06/2005 -

How do we know that a blonde has gone to the computer?
There is corrector on the screen!

How do we know that another blonde is on the computer? It is re-written on the corrector.
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