Joke about blondes, blonde joke, humor and funny blonde story

1 - Rings to the ears

Why do blondes put big rings on their ears? It is to better pass the legs ...

 2- Blonde birthday

For his birthday, a man offers a mobile phone to his blonde wife. For several hours, he tries in vain to explain how it works to his wife. Discouraged, he finally asks his wife to put the phone in her purse and go for a walk. He recommends:
- As soon as it sounds, you press the little green button.
The blonde goes shopping and, when she arrives at the grocery store, the phone starts ringing. Immediately, she presses the green button. The husband then exclaims at the other end of the line.
- Congratulations honey, you managed to answer. You see, it's not so complicated.
And the blonde, proud of herself:
- Yes it's easy. But how did you know that I was in the grocery store? "

 3- Call to the sex of a blonde

What is the cry of appeal to the sex of a blonde? - Oh dear, I'm drunk.

 4 - After making love

What do blondes say after having sex?
- Next.

 5 - After making love

What does a blonde say after having sex? So how are you all in the same team?

 6 - At the shopping center

At the mall, a blonde notices a big bump on the door of her car. Discouraged, she is wondering what she should do. It was then that a young man, passing by her, jokingly advises him to blow in the exhaust pipe to make a push of air and make out the bump! But the blonde does not understand that it's a joke and starts to blow in the tailpipe!
While she was blowing in the pipe, another blonde approached and said:
- What are you doing?
- I'm trying to deboss the car door.
Then the other blonde starts laughing! She says :
- You're so stupid! It will never work!
And the other to ask:
- Oh no? What do you mean?
- Because your windows are open!

 7 - Above the bed

Why are there 1s above a blonde's bed?
To repeat his text!

 8 - Around the vagina of a blonde

What's irritating around a blonde's vagina? The other guys waiting!

 9 - chess

Two blondes play chess. Before you begin, the first request:
- Do you have rules in mind?
- Why, I'm bleeding?

 10 - fuck a blonde

Why does not the blonde talk when she gets fucked? - Because his mother told her not to speak with his mouth full!
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