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1 horse

It is a blonde who is riding and there she falls, she said to the horse "WOW WOW WOW HORSE WOW WOW" ...
And there the guy from the supermarket comes to unplug the horse ..!

 2 - What is the use of a condom

What is the use of a condom for a blonde? To keep the remains for later.

 3 - Blonde childbirth

It's a blonde who gave birth to two beautiful babies, twins, however, she cries endlessly!
The nurse then tells him:
"But see madame! Why are you crying ? You are now mother of 2 beautiful babies, in good health!
- I know, says the blonde, but I do not know who is the father of the second!

 4 - Hanging on the ceiling

What's all black, all kinky and hanging on the ceiling?
- A blonde electrician!

 5 - Secret agent

What is the name of a secret agent who has a flat forehead, ears that are loose and who is like a broom?
It's James Blonde

 6 - Albert Einstein

What is the smartest thing that came out of a blonde's mouth?
- Albert Einstein's cock

 7 - Turn on the light

How does a blonde turn on the light after making love? She opens the door.

 8 - mountaineers and men who marry blondes
What is the common point between mountaineers and men who marry blondes?
They are not afraid of emptiness.

 9 - Lover

Julia is a blonde who is in bed with her lover when the phone rings. She picks up and starts a short conversation. Then she hangs up and turns to the guy saying:
- It was Gerard. He told me not to worry and not to wait for him tonight because he plays cards with you.

 10 - light bulb

How many blondes does it take to change a light bulb? None, anyway, the time they understand, it will already be day.
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