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In the cafe of a small village

In the cafe of a small country village, there is a beautiful young woman rather canon. She approaches the bar with a cajoling air. The cafeer approaches her quite naturally. Then taking the most seductive air that is, it makes it clear to the cafe that he must approach his face closer to her. When the guy leans over, she gently caresses his beautiful beard while saying in a voice engaging:
- Are you the boss of this cafe? (she gently strokes his goatee with both hands now)
- Uh, actually no ...
- You could go get it, I have something important to tell him? (and now, she puts her hand in her hair) The man is really exhilarated, even downright excited. He gasps and says in a breath:
- I'm sorry, but he's not here. Can I do something for you?

- Well yes. You will leave him a message. (And while she puts his fingers in his mouth, letting the guy suck greedily) ... You will tell him that there is more paper in the toilet.
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