In the subway

A guy who stinks alcohol slumps on the seat of a subway car. Beside him, a priest.
The guy who's been drinking leaves something to be desired: his tie is stained, his face and shirt collar have lipstick prints, and there's even a bottle of whiskey sticking out of his jacket pocket .
The guy, who is not completely drunk (but not far from it), takes his diary and starts reading.
After a minute, he turns to his chair neighbor, the priest, and asks him:
- Tell my Father, what is it that comes arthritis?
The priest answers:
- My son, I would say that arthritis is due to a completely dissolute life, like, for example, going out with bad girls, drinking too much alcohol, disrespecting his neighbor!
The guy answers:
- Damn God !!! ... Well that's it, it's amazing! ... And he plunges back into his diary.
A little later, the priest spoke again and said in a more amiable tone:
- I am sorry. I did not want to have such harsh words to you.
Since when do you suffer from arthritis?
And the guy answers him:
"It's not me, Father. It's the Pope, they say in the newspaper.
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