Funny Joke - Police Stop

A man in a car with his wife is arrested by the police. The agent :
- Hello sir. You drove at 135 km / h in an area at 100 km / h.
- No, sir, the agent. I was driving at 105 km / h.
Wife :
"Come on, Gaston, you were at least 135, if not more.
The man throws an unpleasant look at his wife ... The agent:
- I will also give you a PV plus a 48 hour delay for your back light which is burned.
- Burnt light? Shit, I did not know that I had a light of burn ... otherwise I would have already changed, you think well!
Wife :
- Let's see Gaston, it's been weeks since you know it and you do not get it fixed.
The man is very angry and looks at his wife by beckoning him to shut up.The agent:
- I will also have to give you a ticket because you do not wear your seatbelt.
"But I was wearing it, sir, the agent. I untied it after you stopped me while you were walking towards the car.
Wife :
-Have Gaston, you never wear your belt !!!
The man is furious. He turns to his wife and shouts:
The officer looks in and asks the woman:
- Does your husband always talk to you like that?
- No, sir agent ... only when he drunk.
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