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1 - Why did God create the brunettes

Why did God create the brunettes?
So that ugly men do not feel helpless.

  2 - Why do brunettes shave their arms

Why do brunettes shave their arms? To be able to read the time.

  3 - Preliminaries

What is foreplay for brunettes?
Three hours to fuck the guy and six hours to beg!

  4 - Fooling blondes' jokes

Why are brunettes laughing at blondes' jokes?
Because there is only these that they understand!

  5 - Scalp

Why did not the Indians scalp the brunettes?
Because the hairs of the back of a bison were easier to handle!

  6 - bras

Who makes brassieres for brunettes?
Little boat

  7 - a joke and guess

What is black, blue, brown and lying in a pit?
A brunette who told too many jokes about blondes ...

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