Blonde brunette jokes, blonde and brunette jokes, blonde vs brunette jokes

1 - Invitation

What is missing from a brunette to participate in a great party?
The invitation

2 - The elevator

Two girlfriends went shopping at the mall:
The loaded blonde says: You can call the elevator!
The brunette says aloud: ELEVATOR! ELEVATOR !
The blonde: Pfff !!! Not like that, with your finger !!!!!!!
The brunette puts her finger in her mouth and says: BUYER! BUYER!

3 - The creation

Why did God create the blonde before the brunette?
Because it was a rough draft before perfection!

4 - The dance

A blonde perfumes herself in the bathroom shaking her head. A brunette arrives then and asks him:
- Why are you dancing?

 5 - The skirt

Two brunettes in a laundry:
1st: But why are you cutting your plaid skirt? !!
The 2nd: Because it is marked wash the colors separately on the label!
The 1st: A bah yes I am stupid !!!

 6 - The dog

Two friends: A blonde and a brunette meet in the street.

The blonde arrives and sees her friend crying: she asks him:

The blonde: My darling! What is happening?

The brunette: I lost my dog ​​PATOU !!!

The blonde: Quickly you have to put up posters with the picture of your dog and your address.

The brunette: It will be worthless !!!!!!!

The blonde: Why?

The brunette: But because he can not read my PATOU !!!!!!

 7 - The puzzle

A brunette phone to her friend the blonde:
The brunette: My darling! You know the puzzle I had for Christmas, I finished it!
The blonde: It's great pupuce! But uh ... you mean you took 4 months to finish it !!!
The brunette: Not bad, right? On the box it is marked from 2 to 5 years. You saw I'm not that stupid!
The blonde: Pffffffffffffffffff

 8 - Memory

Why do jokes about blondes hold in a line?
For the brunettes to remember.

 9 - Mustache

Why are brunettes proud of hair colors?
Because it goes with their mustache !! : p

 10 - Mustaches and intelligences

Why do brunettes tell jokes about blondes?
Because they are jealous of their know-how and to take revenge because the blondes do not have mustaches.
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