Jokes and humor on celebrities, celebrity jokes

Jokes and humor on celebrities, celebrity jokes

1 - Arnold Schwarzenneger

Arnold Schwarzenneger has a long one, Michael J. Fox has a short one, Madonna does not have one and the Pope does not use his ... What is it?
- Family name.

 2 - Beatles

What would it take to get the Beatles together?
Still 2 or 3 cartridges.

 3 - Ben Johnson

Mrs. Johnson (Ben Johnson's wife), very unhappy, returns from the garden with a 50 kg tomato in her wheelbarrow ...
- CHER !, I told you a thousand times that you should not pee in the kitchen garden!

 4 - Bill Clinton

What is green, has 4 feet and smells sperm?
- Bill Clinton's billiards.

 5 - Boys band 2be3

Do you know what 2be3 means in French?
- 2 brains for three!

 6 - Buffy

Buffy was invited to participate in a sailboat race. Alas, the competitors had to wipe, that day, a storm which shook violently the boats. The captain of the ship's crew, on whom Buffy was, worried about the well-being of her illustrious passenger:
- It's okay ? he shouted in the unleashed elements. Not too scared? What is it, huh?
And Buffy answered:
- I knew winds ... worse!

 7 - Celine Dion

Two guys in a Texas jail are sentenced to death.
The director turns to the first to be executed and asks him:
- What is your last wish?
- I like music ... Could you play Celine Dion on the PA so I can hear her one last time?
- Certainly, we can do that for you. And you, what is your last wish?
- Please, Kill me first!

 8 - Celine Dion and Lara Fabian

Celine Dion and Lara Fabian are in a plane in flames and there is only one parachute left. Who will take it?
We do not care !

 9 - Christopher Columbus

Why are American Indians cold?
Because Christopher Columbus discovered them.

 10 - David Douillet

What is David Douillet's favorite drink?
Water juice
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