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1 - Blonde joke in riddle -

What is a blonde looking for in a rice field? Uncle Bens.

What is a blonde looking for in a cornfield? Green Giant.

 2 - Blonde joke in Ferrari

A blonde is driving on the highway with her new Ferrari.
She gets arrested by a cop.
He asked him:
- But madam, why do you only drive at 20km / h?
And the blonde answers:
- That's because on the panel there is marked A20.
Then the cop answers him:
- But that's the number of the road.
The blonde says:
- Oh!
The cop looks at the passenger side of the car and noticing the passenger's head said to the blonde:
- But say so, she does not look like your brunette girlfriend next door!
And the blonde answers:
- It must be because we just left the A313.

 3 - Blonde joke with girlfriend

A blonde tells her blonde girlfriends:
- Yesterday, I met a great guy in a nightclub ... Blonde girlfriends:
- Aaah !.
- I invite him home, we drink a shot, I begin to kiss. Blonde girlfriends: Aaaaaah !.
- I said to him: undress me! Blonde girlfriends: Aaaaaaaaaaah !.
- Then he takes off my panties ... Blonde girlfriends:
- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! You have a panties ???

 4 - Blonde joke and bananas

Why do not blondes eat bananas? It's because they do not find the zipper!

 5 - Blonde joke and eyes

What do you see when you look at a blonde in the eye? - The bottom of his skull!

 6 - Brown joke

it is a brunette who sees her blonde girlfriend eating a banana
- It's new ! Do you like bananas?
- Yes, since I learned to peel them!

 7 - Brown and blonde joke

What do you call a brunette between two blondes? - An interpreter !!!

 8 - Short joke about blondes

How do you drown a blonde? We put a mirror in the bottom of the pool.

 9 - Funny joke about blondes
How do you know a blonde to open the fridge? When there is lipstick on the cucumber.

And how do we know if she has her period? When you think there is lipstick on the cucumber.

 10 - Blonde waitress joke

How do you recognize a blonde waitress?
It is she who has a tampon on the ear and who asks where is his pen!
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