Are you addicted to the internet? You are if you meet the following conditions

You are if you meet the following conditions:

1. It takes 15 minutes to unfold your bookmarks until the end.
2. There is a site engraved on your glasses.
3. You put smilies in letters to the tax collector.
4. You refuse to go on vacation to a place without electricity or telephone line.
5. You fly with the laptop (connected to the cell phone) on your lap, and your kid in the luggage compartment.
6. You dream in HTML.
7. You automatically type com after each
8. You leave your room and find out that your family has moved.
9. You turn on the intercom when you leave the computer room to find out if any mails have arrived.
10. You end abruptly a date (real) to chat with the cyberpoupee you met on a newsgroup.
11. All your friends have an @ in their name.
12. You also do not know the sex of many of them, the address is neutral and you never asked.
13. Looking at the links of someone's homepage, you realize that you have been everywhere.
14. Your dog has his own homepage.
15. You have trouble reading the two-sided paper mail: it does not want to scroller !!
16. You have visited all of Yahoo's links and are halfway through Lycos.
17. Can not call your mother, she does not have a modem.
18. You are watching your email: "No message." And you check again.
19. You do your homework in HTML and give the URL to your teacher.
20. Your children are called Eudora, Mozilla and Netscape.
21. Your husband tells you he has a beard of 2 months.
22. At three o'clock in the morning, you get up for an urgent need and look back if you have received emails.
23. When you give your address to the taxi driver, you say 'http: //www.90.rue.jean.mermoz.html'.
24 Your wife proclaims that the computer can no longer come to bed.
You know the Web so well that you do not see the interest of Lycos and Altavista.
26. You have no problem connecting to your ISP: you never go out of your way.
27. You ask a plumber how much it would cost to replace your chair with a toilet.
28. The last woman you met was in JPEG.
29. You tilt your head to the left when you smile
30. You turn on your computer and turn off your wife.
31. Your wife says that communication is important in a marriage. So, you buy a second computer that you connect to the first one so that you can both talk.
32. After a car accident, you instinctively look for the "Back" button.
33. You kiss the home page of your girlfriend.
34. You have a flaming website logo on your contact lenses.
35. You are brainstorming to find a new research topic on the Alta Vista page.
36. All you want is a faster connection speed ... Numeris ... Cable modem ... T1 ... T3.
37. When you go to the toilet, you say, "I'm going to download"
38. Your heart beats faster when you spot a new url on TV or on a magazine.
39. You leave your room one day, and you realize that your parents have moved and that they did not leave you the keys when leaving.
40. Your wife has covered your computer screen with a blonde wig so that you remember what she looks like.
41. Suddenly, when you leave your screen to go pee, you realize that there is no noise in the house, and you do not even know where the children are.
42. You've dedicated your kid's phone line to your internet connections; and now your kid has no more friends.
43. France Telecom offers a box of chocolates as new year's gifts.
44. You are known as the Grand Master on your favorite IRC channel.
45. You miss meals because you "are downloading a great game!"
46. ​​You are looking for porn site URLs in public toilets.
47. When you give your address to the taxi driver, you say 'http: //www.90.rue.jean.mermoz.html'.
48. You tell your kids that they can not use the computer because "Dad has a job to do" ... even though you do not even have a job.
49. Your friends do not send you any more email: They connect directly to your IRC channel
50. You got a logo tattoo that says, "This body is best viewed with Netscape 4.0 or higher"
51. You do not know which day of what year you are.
52. You do not cut the modem noise once the connection is established, because you find that it makes relaxing music, much like the sound of the waves.
53. Thinking of attacking your F.A.I. in court because
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