It's at dinner, the teenage daughter asks her mom

It's at dinner, the teenage daughter asks her mom:
- Mom, how many types of penis are there?
The mother, surprised, answers, looking at the husband (in his fifties):
- Well, my daughter, the man goes through three phases. At twenty, the penis
the man is hard and erect like an oak. Between thirty and
forty is like bamboo, flexible but sure. At fifty he
becomes a Christmas tree.
- A Christmas tree ?!
- Yes, dry, with some balls hanging for decoration. The son
then ask the father:
- And women's breasts, dad, how many types are there? The father,
already angry, answers:
- Well, my son, there are three types of breasts. At twenty years old
of a woman are like melons, well round and firm. Between thirty and forty they are like pears, still pleasant even if a little
falling. After his fifty, they become onions.
- Some onions ?!
- Yes, you look at them and you cry ...
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