A man is lost in the mountains in China for three weeks, when he finally sees a house

A man is lost in the mountains in China for three weeks, when he finally sees a house. He knocks on the door.
- Yes ?
- Good evening, I'm lost for three weeks, I have not eaten, nor slept and I wondered if you would not have a place for a poor man?
The old Chinese accepts but poses a condition:
- You are warned, no man has the right to fuck my daughter. If you are
taken to kiss her, you will suffer the three Chinese tortures.
The man willingly accepts and sits at the table. Throughout the
meal, since he has not seen a woman for a long time, he does not
can restrain herself from watching the busty young nymphet, who at her
turn, keeps sending him a thousand words.
During the night, the call of the beast is stronger than the will and he
get up to join the pretty girl of old Chinese.
He spends hours and hours in his bed and experiments with one of
most beautiful sexual experiences of his life. Then, returning to his
room, he said to himself:
- WHOA! This fuck is worth all the tortures of the world! In addition, if it is
find the old man has heard nothing!
On waking, he feels a strong pressure on his stomach. He opens his eyes
and realizes he has a huge rock on him, with a little message:
"First Chinese torture: rock of 50 kilos on the belly.
"What a stupid torture," he said to himself.
Then he throws the rock through the window. On the wall to his right, he just
the time to read:
Second Chinese torture: rock attached to the right testicle
Realizing that it is too late to catch the rock, he starts by
the window, thinking that death would be less painful.
Going down, he sees on the rope another message:
"Third Chinese torture: left testicle hangs at the foot of the bed !!!!"
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