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Funny And Hilarious Worst Pickup Lines - The Lamest Pick Up Lines Ever told

The worst pickup lines they could find and came up with this list. We thoroughly recommend reading this and having a little fun laughing at them, but we also recommend NOT using these lines in public. They could get you slapped or thrown out of a bar or club, but they will not help you meet someone new. (Not someone you'd probably be interested in anyway.
  • When you date as many prostitutes, strippers, and junkies as I do, it's nice to finally be going out with a classy woman like you!
  • That Big Mac and fries cost $5.24. That means when we go to my place later you owe me $5.24 worth of poontang.
  • If we're stopped by the cops this is your brother's car and you don't know what's in the trunk!
  • There are three words I want to tell you...."You're Too Fat."
  • Remember when the stripper comes over I do the tipping.
  • Are you one of Charlie’s angels, or one of Satan’s skanks?
  • (Man to woman): Wow, you kiss like my sister.
  • (Woman to man): Wow, you kiss like my father.
  • My wife doesn't mind that I have girlfriends. They usually baby sit the kids when I take her out.
  • If you’re into booty, my butt is so big, I could moon Europe!
  • Do you want to go for a ride in my car? It’s a hot rod!
  • I usually date attractive girls, but I've decided I really should be with someone more like you.
  • Wanna free my willy? It’s a whale of a job.
  • Let's cut to the chase baby…how much?
  • So let me get this straight, yes means yes, and no means tie you up, right?
  • Know anywhere to hide a body?
  • All the voices in my head agree: You look beautiful.
  • Baby, you look so good I'd bang you in front of my wife's attorney.
  • I had to kill my (boyfriend/girlfriend) last week. I had to put (him/her) out of my misery.
  • No need to buy any popcorn, I snuck this whole bucket of fried chicken skin into the movies so we could eat for free.
  • So which movie do you want to see? "Lord of the Rings?" I heard that was good! I'll be watching "Black Hawk Down". I'll meet you in the lobby when it's over.
  • I can't believe the car broke down. Could you walk to a service station and call a cab?
  • Do you want to get Mexican food? Tom likes Mexican food. Mexican food makes Tom fart. Why are you looking at Tom that way?
  • Didn’t I see you on the cover of Cosmo?
  • I don’t like to wear nylons. When I fart, it looks like I have epilepsy.
  • I got divorced today. I was kind of down before, but it’s OK now; she’s still my sister.
  • Let’s get hammered, and then I’ll nail ya!
  • Want a tic-tac? (No, thanks.) Please! Take one!
  • (To a middle-aged person) At our age, what can we count on in life? Depends, I guess.
  • (Holding a quarter) Heads it’s your place; tails it’s mine.
  • What’s with the unibrow look?
  • Didn’t I see you at Overeaters Anonymous?
  • Whatever you’re thinking, I hope it’s X-rated.
  • Which one of you gals wants to come home with me and cook dinner?
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