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If you're looking for the best pickup lines, the ones that are most likely to work, then this is the right site and you're here at the right time. Please use these lines at your own risk; we're not responsible for how many women you pick up using these. But remember this - the best women respond to the best "lines", not the "bad pickup lines".

To a person carrying a camera: “That’s a big lens!” or “That’s a fantastic camera!”

Oh, I love your dog! Can I pet him?

I just moved here. What’s fun to do?

May I have the last dance?

Is this seat taken?

Walk up to a woman at a restaurant or in a bar): May I join you? If she says yes, drop your BMW or Lexus keys on the table and smile.)

You’re making the other women in here look really bad!

Do you want to dance?

Can I buy you a drink?

Isn’t your email address:

I Only Respond to the Best Pickup LinesDo you want to go home now?

I couldn't pay attention in school (work) today because I couldn't stop thinking about you.

How much does a Polar Bear weigh? Enough to break the ice. Hi!

Hi, my name is (insert name here).

I know what a hamper, washer, and shower are. And I use them every day.

Aren’t you one of those Desperate Housewives?

Didn’t I see you on the red carpet? (after the Oscars or Emmys)

Do you know how to cook artichokes? (at the supermarket)

Does your kid go to _______(name of elementary school your kid goes to)________?

Do you like to salsa dance?

You look like a nice guy (or lady).

Wait for a good song and say, “Dance? Maybe this will be our song.”

(If you know the guy or gal has kids): I’m taking my kids to the beach on Saturday. Want to come with yours? (or the zoo, park, circus, movies)

Do you play poker?

You look like a fun gal (or guy).

Have you been to _________(name of popular club)__________________.

I’m looking for a long term relationship.

Weren’t you on Survivor?

Once upon a time, a great guy met a beautiful girl in a bar (or wherever you are). Hi.

(On Halloween): You look dead sexy. Uh, you look dead, sexy. Well, you know what I mean!

(At the dog park or on the street): Can I borrow your pooper scooper?

How’s it goin’?

Would you watch my coat for a minute? (Go to the restroom and return. Then, thank the other person and introduce yourself.)

(Approach a woman who is being hit on by a guy and obviously not liking it and say): Hey, Marcie just went to the restroom in tears. Would you check on her? (When she returns, after the other guy has left, start a conversation.)

And I thought we had pretty girls (or good looking men) where I come from!
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