The first day, God created the cow and told him...

The first day, God created the cow and told him,
- '' Stay in the field with the farmer all day and suffer under the sun. Makes calves and gives milk to support the farmer. I give you a life of 60 years. ''
The cow answered,
- '' it's a hell of a hard life you want for me for 60 years. It's ok for 20 years and I give you back the other 40. "

And God has agreed.
On the second day, God created the dog. God said,
- '' Sit all day on the doorstep of the house and bark on anyone entering or passing. I give you a life of 20 years. ''

The dog said, '' it's too long to bark. Give me 10 years and I'll give you the 10 others. "
So God was again in agreement.

The third day God created the monkey and told him,
- "Amuse people, do scholarly tricks, make them laugh. I give you a life of 20 years. ''
The monkey said, '' Do antics for 20 years? It's too boring ! The dog has made you 10 years, right? Well, I'm doing the same, ok? "
Once again God has agreed.

The fourth day God created man. God said, '
- 'Eat, sleep, play, fuck, have fun. Gland a nothing, I give you 20 years. ''

The man replied, "What? Only 20 years old? What slab! Listen, I'm taking my 20s, the 40s that the cow has made, the 10s of the dogs and the 10s of the monkeys. It's 80, ok? "

- '' Ok! '' Replied God. ''Bargain''.

That's how during the first 20 years of our lives we eat, sleep, play, bake, have fun and do nothing.
For the next 40 years we work as a convict in the sun to support our family.
For the next 10 years we do antics to distract our grandchildren.
And for the last 10 years we are sitting in front of the house barking at everyone!
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