One day a lumberjack was busy cutting a branch that rose above the river

One day a lumberjack was busy cutting a branch that rose above the river. Suddenly the ax fell into the river. The man was crying so bitterly that God appeared to him and asked him the reason for his despair. The woodcutter then explained that his ax had fallen into the river. To his great surprise, he saw God dive into the river and bring up a golden ax in his hand:
- Is this your ax? He asked him.
The woodcutter replied:
- No.
God immediately returned to the water and came back this time with a silver ax:
"Is that your ax?" He asked again.
The woodcutter again tells him: "No".
At the third attempt, God returned with an iron ax, and asked him again:
- Is this your ax?
"Yes," answered the woodcutter this time. God, touched by the honesty of the man, gave him the three axes. The woodcutter returned home happy. A few days later, the woodcutter was walking along the river with his wife. Suddenly it fell into the water. As the man began to cry, God appeared to him again and asked him the reason for his sorrow.
"My wife fell into the river," the man replied, sobbing.
So God dipped into the river and reappeared with Jennifer Lopez in his arms:
"Is this your wife?" He asked him.
- Yes! shouted the man. God, furious, castigated the man:
- Do you take the risk of lying to me? I should damn you!
The woodcutter implored him:
- Please, God, forgive me! How should I have answered? If I had said, no to Jennifer Lopez, next time you would be back with Catherine Zeta-Jones. If, again, I said no, you would have come back with my wife and I would have said yes. At that moment, you would have given them all three. But I am poor and not at all able to feed three women. Only for that reason did I say Yes the first time.
The moral of this story ? Finally, men only lie for reasons perfectly honest and completely understandable!
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