The biker and the woman

The biker and the woman
A motorcyclist sees a beautiful woman ready to jump from a bridge. He stops, gets off his bike and tries to sound it.
- Miss, do not jump! Please.
- Yes, I'm going to jump !! I can not anymore.
- No, think of the good things in life ... like love.
- But I do not have anyone.
- So let me kiss you and maybe you'll change your mind.
The woman is tempted, goes over the railing and will kiss the biker fiercely. The stage lasts 10 minutes. In the end, the rider does not come back and says:
- No woman has ever kissed me like that, it was wonderful. I will never let you jump. Besides, why did you want to jump?
- Because my parents do not want me to dress like a girl anymore ...
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