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The 20 reasons to prefer champagne to a man!

The 20 reasons to prefer champagne to a man!
1- No party without champagne!
2- A champagne always makes you laugh.
3- A champagne is never fat (saucy).
4- A champagne is never greasy (oily).
5- A champagne is never fat (does not have Kro abs)
6- A champagne never forgets your birthday.
7- A champagne has class, refinement and elegance.
8- A champagne always tastes good.
9- A champagne is always in good taste.
10- We are never ashamed of a champagne in society.
11- A champagne is never ashamed of you in society.
12- A champagne never belittles your opinions, it raises them.
13- You can present a champagne to your parents.
14- A champagne is always a good family: Dom PĂ©rignon or De Castellane or Potel-Prieux.
15- A champagne knows how to be charming and is never clown.
16- A champagne does not leave hanging slippers or dirty socks: it does not have any.
17- A champagne does not snore in the middle of the night.
18- A champagne does not put you out of bed.
19- A champagne does not take you all the covers.
20- A champagne is never slouched in front of the TV a Beer in hand.
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