Madam: Come on ... Please darling?

Madam: Come on ... Please darling?
Sir: No. Leave me alone.
Mrs. Come on, it will not take you too much time.
Sir: After I can not go back to sleep.
Madam: But without that, I will not be able to sleep.
Sir: I would like to know why you think of things like the middle of the night ?!
Madam: Because I'm hot!
Sir: You're hot at the worst time, really.
Madam: If you loved me, I should not have to insist like now for you to do it
Sir: If you loved me, you would have more consideration for me.
Madam: Then you do not love me anymore.
Sir: But if I love you, but let it go for this night, OK.
Madam: (sobs)
Sir: (Aaarrghh-sighs) Okay, I'll do it, you won.
Madam: What's going on darling? Do you need lighting?
Sir: I can not find ...
Madam: Well, grop it, you're going to get there anyway.
Sir: That's it, here it is. I'm there. So, happy?
Madam: Ahhhh, finally, YES, how good it is!
Sir: Well, next time you want to sleep the window open, you'll open it yourself!
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