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One day Jane meets Tarzan in the jungle.

One day Jane meets Tarzan in the jungle. She immediately feels very attracted to her bestiality. As they get to know her and explain all sorts of things in her life, she asks him about sex.
- What is sex? Tarzan asks.
She explains to him immediately and he says to her:
- Ah! I usually use hole in tree.
Horrified she said to him:
-But Tarzan see ... It's not a tree that you have to use! Well, I show you.
She quickly removes her clothes, goes to bed and spreads her legs.
- Look Tarzan. You have to put your sex here. She says.
Tarzan removes his animal skin, advances towards Jane and gives him a violent kick in the crotch. Jane writhes in pain and has a bad time. Still shocked, she asks him:
- You brute! But why did you do that to me ???
And Tarzan answers:
- I check before to see if there are bees ...
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