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1 - Cherry picker

A city dweller asks his wife:
- Honey ... cherries, we pick them with their tails?
- No ... for you it will be easier with your hands ...

 2 - rats

There is a guy who dreams every day of rats playing ball, one day he decided to see the doctor for a problem.
He explained the situation to him and the doctor gives him a medicine, as a recommendation, he tells him to eat it today. The patient then makes him:
- But Doctor, it's not possible today! Because I want to see the final play.

 3 - Recommendation

Driver, be careful, every turn I'm afraid of falling into the ravine!
- Madam just have to do like me, close your eyes!

 4 - Pay the bill

A customer calls the server to pay the bill for his cup of coffee:
- How much does it cost the coffee?
- One euro sir.
- And the sugar?
- Nothing ! Sugar is free!
- Then give me two kilograms of sugar!

 5 - Resto

A customer asks the butler:
- But when do you change the tablecloths of your tables ... They are disgusting!
- I do not know sir, I've only been there for two years!

 6 - Outing

Three sisters are getting ready to go out.
When they go out the door, their mother asks them:
- Where are you going ?
- We go out with our fiance, mom!
- What are you going to do ?
The first answers:
- When I go out with Henri, we laugh!
The second says:
- When I go out with Charles, we talk!
And the third ad:
- When I go out with Blaise ...
His mother does not let him finish his sentence:
- No ! You stay here!
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