knight in the time of the Crusades

It is a knight in the time of the Crusades who leaves his castle to chase the infidel.
But before doing so, and to make sure of the purity of his dear and tender, he decides to buy a chastity belt, model that includes a guillotine at the level of the vagina, and has it installed on his sweetheart.
When he returned to the castle after 3 years of bitter fighting, he decided to go even his love and at the same time check if the belt was not forced. He is quickly reassured because it is intact.
However, he decides to gather all the men of the court to check if their three-piece service is complete.
He stubbornly discovers that there is only one among the whole assembly who has no injury. He is a young man, strong, handsome and well beaten. the lord therefore decides to call him for the happiness of his fidelity to his master.
- You, the young man over there comes here and tell me your name.
The young man approached but from his mouth came out only incomprehensible sounds.
- Mmmmoiiiiffffff mouuffffssss seebbbbiueeeeeuurrr?
"But at last, speak without fear, my friend, would you have cut off your tongue?"
- Mmmaiiiiiisssssss nouunffff
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