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Jokes about men, joke man, men, macho, guy, guys, comic humor

1 - toothbrushes

Why do men look like toothbrushes?
Without the handle, they serve strictly nothing.

  2 - change a roll of ass paper

How many men does it take to change a roll of crotch?
- To change what?

  3 - Like coffee

Men are like coffee. The best are rich, hot and can keep you awake all night.

  4 - women's conduct

Why do the majority of women drive badly?
Because the majority of driving instructors are men ...

  5 - costume and elegance

Why do men never put on the same costume twice when they want to dress elegantly?
Because fashion has changed between her marriage and her burial.

  6 - ties

Why do men wear ties?
To indicate the "playground".
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