How to make Santa run away

- Build an army of snowmen with banners on which you wrote, "I hate Christmas", "Santa Claus!"

- Rent a nervous bull that you will leave in your living room. Savor the bull's reaction when he sees a man dressed in red from head to toe.

- Leave a note to Santa saying that you have moved. Staple on the back an incomprehensible plan with the address of your new home.

- Leave a note near the phone explaining that Mrs. Christmas has called for him to remember to bring back milk and bread on his way home.

- Place a plate filled with biscuits and a large glass of milk with a word "For the little mouse". Next, put a saucer with a half biscuit and two drops of milk in a dirty glass with a word, "For Santa Claus".

- Let trophies and shotguns hang around everywhere. When Santa is at home, come out and shout loudly, "Oh, a reindeer, and what's more, he has a red nose!" then fire several shots.

- While at home, take the opportunity to slip a speeding ticket on the windshield of his sled, replace the reindeer on his sleigh with classic reindeer and wait to see what will happen when he goes try to take off again.

- Disguise yourself as a policeman and empty your house as if it had just been burglarized. When Santa claus exclaims, "Well, we're coming back to the crime scene!"

- Decorate your Christmas tree with Easter eggs.

- Disguise yourself as an Easter bunny and when Santa comes explain to him that the house is not big enough for both of you.
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