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1 - It is late December and the correctional court judge is in a good mood. He asks the prisoner:
- What are the facts with which you are accused?
- I am accused of having made my Christmas shopping too early!
- But that's not a crime. And how that, too top!
- Well, before the store opens ...

 2 - Blondes and Christmas tree

Two blondes decide to save a little money and go to the woods to find a Christmas tree.
After two hours of intensive research, the first harassed exclaims:
- Well, I'm sick of it, the next one we see with or without balls; we take it !

 3 - Christmas gift

A woman, shortly before Christmas, told her husband that she would like to receive something capable of going from 0 to 100 in plus or minus 4 seconds ...
It goes without saying that she wanted a new car ..
The husband, very conscientious will buy him what he needs ..
For Christmas, she receives so .. A BALANCE!

 4 - Christmas gift

How did you spend Christmas?
- As a gift!
- That is to say ?
- I spent the whole evening drunk under the tree!

 5 - Christmas card

- What I appreciate in my friend, said a young woman little fierce, is that at Christmas he sent me lots of cards: Credit Lyonnais  ... American Express ... Visa ...
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