Finally a smart blonde?

Finally a smart blonde?
A brunette, a redhead and a blonde discovers a genius!
The genie says to them: Throw anything in the ocean or the sea, if I find it you will die. If I do not find it you will become the happiest woman in the world.
The brunette goes off to the ocean, and throws a toothpick. The engineering plunges, finds the toothpick and the brunette dies.
The redhead goes to the Sea, throws a hairpin. The genie plunges and brings back the hairpin, the redhead dies.
The blonde, goes off  and throws something in the water. The genius plunges, seeks, seeks, seeks, research and research again. At the end of his strength, the genius asks him ... but what have you thrown away?
And the blonde answers him: "an aspirin!"
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