Everyone knows the joke of Maurice who wanted to win the lottery and asked God to help him

Everyone knows the joke of Maurice who wanted to win the lottery and asked God to help him. God says, "I'm willing to help you, but play!"

Here is the continuation of the story:

So Maurice plays and wins the big jackpot. Here he is multi-billionaire. He speaks again to God and complains about his physique because he has no success with women.

So God says to him "Maurice, you're crazy, you just have to pay yourself a coach and sweat a little your fat ..." Then Maurice takes a coach for a year, and starts counting jogging, pumps, buttocks, bodybuilding, diet, yoga, massage ... After a year, it comes out with a dream body, built like an Apollo ...

But that's not enough for him. He is still complaining to God "Look at God! I have a dirty mouth, I can not pack girls ... ". God answers him "Maurice, you can do anything with your dough. Make yourself new teeth, face, make implants, you can rejuvenate 20 years!

Maurice goes to see the best surgeon on the planet, and spends hours in the operating room. After months of suffering, he leaves the hospital is more beautiful than ever. A top model that everyone admires. On her way, the women turn around and start dreaming ...

Besides, just out of the hospital, he sees a beautiful, a bomb! Their eyes intersect intensely, so long as crossing the road Maurice does not see the bus that arrives, crushes and kills!

Arrived in Paradise, he is mad with rage and addresses God "Finally God, what is this mess? You helped me to win the lottery, I shit to have a dream body doing sports like never, I went on  to change my look, I start to picking up chicks and I hardly get out of the hospital you run me over, I do not understand! "

And God answers him: "Shit, Maurice! It's you ?!? The truth I did not recognize you !! "
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