Best of Yo MAMA Jokes

►Your mother is so big that the last time she bungee jump, the bridge fell with it.

►Your mother is so fat that she takes her pills with mayonnaise.

►Your mother is so much a bitch that people throw balls at her.

►Your mother with hair so short that she has to smile to make a ponytail.

►Your mother is so ugly that even Steevie Wonder is afraid of her.

►Your mother is so stupid that if there were Olympic games of bullshit she will finish second, because she is so stupid to finish first.

►Your mother is such a big feign that she has a remote control to turn on the remote control of the TV.

►Your mother is so stupid that she thinks menopause is a touch of a VCR.

►Your mother is so stupid that she sold her TV to buy a DVD player.

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